Open Command Prompt (in current directory) with Sublime Text


I recently, perhaps behind the curve, switched from using a desktop application for working with SASS, JS, and Images in projects. Applications such as CodeKit, PrePros, and Koala (as great as they are) all have their issues. The main issue being the stability of applications themselves versus command line. Applications overtook command line years ago

New Design & Things

New Theme for 2014

I haven’t had much time to post lately, as my day job has been keeping me very busy on awesome front-end work. I did manage to put together a refreshing theme however. As you can see it is simple and too the point. There may be some quirks here and there as I jumped the

Pastebin Shortcode (with some GitHub flavoring)

Gihub styled output

Easily insert specific Pastebin files with this shortcode [ pastebin id="xxxxxxxx" ], and gives the include a GitHub styled makeover. Usage Two ways are provided to insert the shortcode. (The value “xxxxxxxx” represents your Pastebin file ID.) Insert [ pastebin id="xxxxxxxx" ] manually. The plane text editor “Pastebin” shortcode button. You can place these shortcodes