Magnific Popup WordPress Plugin (unofficial)

2014-11-24 // In Freebies, Plugins, Wordpress

Updating to v2.0.0 will wipe our previously entered custom styles. But gained is control over what elements Magnific Popup is applied to. Great for limiting it to single posts and pages or within specific elements. In a previous, and highly popular article, I went through (with the help of many others) how to implement Magnific… Read More »

An Event Apart Chicago 2014 Notes

2014-08-28 // In Articles

Jump to Day 1 Jump to Day 2 Jump to Day 3 Day 1 Understanding Web Design Jeffrey Zeldman Impossible to deliver a good product when your clients and their bosses bosses don’t understand what we do. We only get to empower clients if they understand what we do. Hired because you know what you… Read More »

Easy Image Captions in DNN with jQuery

2014-08-22 // In DNN, Freebies

One of the many features that DNN has overlooked, or has decided just isn’t worth their time is image captions. Yea, you can install a module, but why? Why would you want to install an entirely separate piece of code to do this one simple task. It should be built in, but until then, it… Read More »

Essential Apps for a Developer Using Windows

2014-06-05 // In Articles

There are millions of articles just like this one telling you which apps you need for any Windows install. It is all relative and based on personal preferences. But maybe, just maybe, I can point you to a couple of apps you haven’t used before and may want to give a try. There are a… Read More »

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