12 Days of Freebies, Day 3 (WP7 DESKTOP Wallpaper MegaPack)

2011-12-15 // In Freebies

Ok so maybe it is a bit repetitive, but I couldn’t help it. All of the wallpapers from yesterday have been recreated in desktop size. There is one benefit to this however, when you download and leave a comment you will get an email with a special freebie attached to it. (Some people may not want it or use it, but hey it’s still free isn’t it?!) Each download comes with all 43 wallpapers in that resolution. If you have a resolution that is an in-between size then download the next size larger as it will render a better quality.
Tomorrow’s freebie will be something a bit different for sure. Download after the preview.

Remember to claim your additional freebie by commenting!







  • Duncan

    Great designs :) Keep them coming :)

  • Matt

    nice designs! thanks for the free stuff

  • Chi

    Nice, look forward to what’s coming!

  • brian2901

    This is such a great idea with the Christmas coming, thank you very much and keep it up! :)

  • Cameron

    how these are amazing!

  • Eric

    AJ, these are wonderful. Thanks!

  • http://ajtroxell.com AJ

    Glad you all like them!

  • Randy

    finally a good wallpaper… I’ve been meaning to change mine for who knows how long.

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